Make a donation, give hope to chlidren

Tiresias SA in the context of its social activities, has developed a social responsibility platform through TSEK service. The «Donations» platform connects TSEK members to the charitable institutions that support children.

Tiresias aims at supporting institutions that enhance children’s confidence, promote acceptance of diversity, broaden their spiritual and professional horizons and contribute to the fulfillment of their dreams.

Tiresias rewards its members by crediting 20% of the donated amount for the use of TSEK services.

How does it work:
  1. LOG IN TSEK using your personal username and password
  2. From «DONATIONS» at the main menu choose «Make a Donation»
    • Choose the desired charity institution and amount
    • Push the “continue” button and get the issued digit code to complete the donation
  3. From your Internet Banking Account
    • Choose «PAYMENT/S»
    • Search for PAYBYBANK and open it
    • Type the PAYBYBANK digit code issued by TSEK to complete the transaction

As soon as the transaction is verified, 20% of the donated amount will be credited to your TSEK balance account

For the immediate and automated briefing of all parties (Business, Charity / Organization, Tiresias), our company works with WorldBridge, which has been active in Greece since 1991, and their service PaybyBank.

«Paybybank is a way to pay in real time for your online purchases directly from your bank account.»
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