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  • Business Information

    Assess with data the company of your choice

    More than 60.000 business balance sheets per year, with financial ratios as well as the announcements published in the General Commercial Registry (GEMI),

    By VAT number search you can see:

    • key balance sheet data for the last four (4) years
    • 26 basic economic indexes & 27 financial ratios per year with charts.
    5.00€ / Search

    Sector Ratios

    Compare easily companies of the same sector

    Sector-specific Financial Indicators for any sector of the Greek economy and comparison with your company’s.

    Search, any sector of the Greek economy and view:

    • The number of companies belonging to the specific sector and how many of them are profitable
    • Consolidated 22 basic financial elements and 27 financial ratios for the sector in comparison to yours.
    3.00€ / Search
  • Financial Ratios for a Group of Companies

    Assess any group of companies at a glance

      Financial Indicators & ratios for a group of companies of your choice.

      Choose up to ten (10) companies, regardless of industry, and if balance sheets are available, 22 aggregate financial data and 27 financial ratios are displayed for the group you have selected.

    3.00€ / Search

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