Balance Sheet Flex

Evaluate immediately companies' financial position

What is Balance Sheet Flex?

Balance Sheet Flex is an API (Application Programming Interface) that provides instant access to the full set of financial statements of companies published in the General Commercial Registry and kept digitalized in the Tiresias database. Thus, you integrate seamlessly and ready to evaluate the financial statement data that you need into your own applications or systems, according to your requirements.

The new Balance Sheet Flex service, offers you:

  • Speed: Instant retrieval of the financial statements you are interested in.

  • Automation: Systemic integration of balance sheet data into your business application with zero manual data entry or extraction.

  • Accuracy: Minimization of administrative errors in financial analysis.

  • Ease of Use: Handling of large volumes of data and faster processing of them.

  • Information Sharing: Sharing of data among different teams within your company and utilizing them simultaneously.

  • Economic Benefit: Reduction of operational costs and processing time.

What information do you receive?

Depending on your needs, your company can request and receive instantly, in bulk or individually, over 270,000 financial statements of companies in summarized or detailed form, for the four most recent years.

What are the benefits of the API for your company?

With the Balance Sheet Flex API, you can:
  • Have continuous access to the Tiresias database of balance sheets without having to maintain your own database.
  • Receive financial statement data in real-time, as required and whenever you need it.
  • Automatically manage a large volume of balance sheet data.
  • Evaluate faster the financial position of the company or the companies you are interested in.

Which businesses does it apply to?

All businesses that evaluate financial data of companies, such as:
  • Insurance companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Investment companies
  • Stockbroking firms
  • Accounting firms, etc.

How to get access

For more information about the Balance Sheet Flex API that can be customized to your own needs, please contact our customer service team at +30 210 6382907, +30 210 6382948, +30 210 6382914.

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