Social Contribution

Business culture & social contribution

Since its foundation TIRESIAS social contribution comprises one of its most strongly-held values, its strategy and its every day operations. In this context TIRESIAS proceeded to the development of “Donation” function in TSEK which takes us one step further in supporting our community.

Main Sectors of Action:

Solidarity Actions

We develop infrastructures aiming to further support social groups that face difficulties in their everyday life.

Donations function at TSEK was built to provide essential support to such social groups. At the time we collaborate with institutions that support the wellbeing and the education of children. Through this function TSEK business members have the ability to make a donation to any of the selected institutions - Make A Wish, The Tipping Point, SKEP, ELEPAP - while TIRESIAS rewards them by crediting their TSEK balance account with 20% of the donated amount.

We strongly support and reward the engagement of our employees in actions for the welfare of the community

Both our employees and the management of our company support local communities as well as charitable organizations by providing material and / or financial assistance.

A regular practice is the voluntary blood donation of employees, which takes place two (2) times per year in collaboration with Amalia Fleming Hospital.

We care for the Environment

Environmental impact is one of TIRESIAS top concerns, thus we try to educate our employees and have created all the necessary conditions for recycling plastic, paper and aluminum in our premises. For the collection of recyclables we cooperate with Social Cooperative “Klimax plus” that helps persons to reintegrate into society.

We take care of our people

We promote employee participation in workshops and training seminars that helps them in the development of their personal and professional skills.

We collaborate with professionals for the improvement of the working environment and consequently the working conditions in terms of comfortability, advanced technology, safety and aesthetics.

We care and support our employees and their families whenever is needed.

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