Mission and Principles

Tiresias started its activity in 1972 as a service of the Hellenic Bank Association. Since 1997 it operates as a joint stock (SA) company, with all major banks operating in Greece as the sole shareholders, for the purpose of collecting, processing, managing and provision of financial behavior data to credit institutions.

Objective: Protect commercial credit and consolidate financial transactions by enabling access to economic data that contribute to the reduction of solvency risks between counterparties.

This objective is pursued by the free movement of data for the benefit of:

  • credit institutions,
  • financial institutions,
  • the public services, but also
  • businesses through economic data provided by TSEK (https://tsek.teiresias.gr) Platform aiming to support credibility, security in commercial transactions and consequently market stability.

Our company, the only credit bureau in Greece, is a member of the European organization ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers) https://accis.eu/.

ACCIS represents the largest group of credit reference agencies in the world. ACCIS brings together, 41 member across 28 European countries and 11 associate and affiliate member from all other continents.

The purpose of ACCIS is enabling individuals and businesses to take informed decisions and conduct secure, trustworthy and efficient financial operations.

What is a credit reference agency? https://youtu.be/I09BKoUyWx4

«In the service of Credit and Public Interest»

Tiresias main targets are

  1. The development and operation of information systems aiming at:
    • promoting and safeguarding the statute of credit provided by banks
    • supporting reliable transactions, and consequently, the smooth functioning of the market
    • contributing to the reduction of insolvency risks to the benefit of the banking system and its clients
    • contributing to the prevention and detention of fraud in banking and credit card transactions
    • the provision of accurate information of economic behavior to ensure liability and security of financial transactions
  2. The management and provision of products and services produced by its information systems

«Consistency and Responsibility»

In compliance with its philosophy, Tiresias attaches utmost importance in assuring accuracy and reliability in its data. Thus, it can meticulously contribute to the protection of bank credit, support reliable financial transactions, and safeguard the citizens' rights.

In order to accomplish its mission, Tiresias, being fully aware of the importance of its service of public interest and the necessity of the strict implementation of its Data Processing Regulation (DPR), strictly abides by the following operational principles:

  • Absolute transparency of the database's operational principles and their strict application,
  • Full assurance of the database's objectivity, whose access is controlled by security mechanisms,
  • Respect and protection of civil rights and provision of all possible assistance to the interested parties for exercising their rights, as defined by law regarding personal data,
  • Provision of data that is characterized by objectivity and precision.

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