Systems and Data Access

Default Financial Obligation System (DFO)

Default Financial Obligation System (DFO) contains data concerning:

  • Bounced cheques
  • Bills of exchange and notes to order unpaid at expiry
  • Applications for bankruptcy – judgements rejecting bankruptcy applications due to insufficient assets of the debtor
  • Applications and judgements on consolidation (art. 99 et seq. of Law 3588/2007 and art. 31 et seq. of Law 4738/2020)
  • Declared bankruptcies
  • Payment orders & leased property hand-back orders
  • Public sales (auctions) of properties
  • Public sales (auctions) of moveable items
  • Prenotations of mortgage converted to mortgages
  • Real estate seizures and seizure orders pursuant to Legislative Decree 1923

Mortgages and Prenotations to Mortgages System (MPS)

Mortgages and Prenotations to Mortgages System (MPS) contains data concerning:

  • Mortgages and
  • Prenotations of mortgage

Credit Consolidation System (CCS)

Credit Consolidation System (CCS) contains data regarding business and retail-consumer credit. It contains information about the status of the credit (current balance with no delinquency, delinquent balance etc) regarding:

  • Trading, consumer and housing loans
  • Credit cards
  • Letters of guarantee
  • Filings of debt adjustment

Terminated Merchants System (TMS)

Terminated Merchants System (TMS) contains information about merchants whose contracts for accepting credit cards as a means of payment have been terminated by the acquiring banks. The termination of these contracts takes place due to reasons related to fraudulent activity (ex. acceptance of cards that have been declared lost or stolen, sham transactions, self funding etc.). The database does not include sensitive information concerning card usage or their owners personal data.

Lost or stolen Identity Card and Passport System (IPS)

Lost or stolen Identity Card and Passport System (IPS) is an auxiliary Databank containing citizens' declarations (submitted either directly to Tiresias or through the Banks by submitting an application to inform Tiresias) of lost, stolen or replaced ID cards and passports.

Business Information

Business Information data gathered by the General Registry such as establishment of legal entities, change of members of BoD etc. as well as the published balance sheets of legal entities.

TSEK (Tiresias Risk Checking System)

TSEK (Tiresias Risk Checking System) provides entrepreneurs with on line access to Tiresias database and specifically to:

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