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Can anyone have access to TSEK service?

Access to TSEK database is provided to all legal entities and sole traders as long as they need to evaluate their credit risk within the frame of their business activity.

How to grant access?

The system is accessed via the internet (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc) by any device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) only to subscribed users.

What kind of data do you have access to?:

Financial data from the Default Financial Obligation System (DFO) (e.g. bounced checks, liquidation auction announcements, bankruptcies etc.) and the Mortgages and Prenotations to Mortgages System (MPS) (e.g. mortgages , prenotation of mortgages etc.), system of TIRESIAS S.A.

Specifically users have access, per category of data (bounced cheques, orders for payment etc), to detailed information (items and amounts) for each of the last four years and and aggregated information for the previous years with indication for past data (payoff, rejected etc.) always following the the appropriate procedures and the data retention times.

Business information gathered by the General Registry such as establishment of legal entities, change of members of BoD etc. as well as all the published balance sheets of legal entities with financial ratios in digitalized form since 2011.

From what sources are our data collected?

  • Bounced cheques
  • Bills of exchange and notes to order unpaid at expiry
Court of Justice
  • Applications for bankruptcy – judgements rejecting bankruptcy applications due to insufficient assets of the debtor
  • Applications for conciliation / restructuring and relevant judgements (Articles 99 et seq. of the Hellenic Bankruptcy Code)
  • Declared bankruptcies
  • Payment orders & leased property hand-back orders
  • Public sales (auctions) of properties
  • Public sales (auctions) of moveable items
  • Prenotations of mortgage converted to mortgages
  • Real estate seizures and seizure orders pursuant to Legislative Decree 1923
Land Registry
  • Mortgages and
  • Prenotations of mortgage
  • Conversions of prenotations to mortgages
  • Forfeitures of the Legislative Decree 1923
General Registry (GEMI)
  • Published business announcements
  • Published balance sheets (PDF & digitalized versions)

The updating of TIRESIA SA database with up-to-date and new information, collected from banks, courts of justice, GEMI and land registries is held daily from 20:00 onwards.

When is the service available?

TSEK service is available from 08:00 to 20:00 all week days.

Who supports you?

TSEK team consists of professionals with experience and knowledge of all systems and data held by TIRESIAS S.A. and are always at your disposal and can be contacted from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.


As part of the business community in Greece and we understand and can help you with your business concerns.

Do not hesitate to contact us or send as an email at cust_support@tiresias.gr

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