About TSEK

Verifies your Business Partnerships

What is TSEK? (Tiresias Risk Checking System)

ΤSEK is Tiresias’ electronic platform for businesses, which offers them online access to the most reliable economic and business data, collected daily on its database. Easy to use and with a very low annual cost, ΤSEK is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With TSEK you save time in managing the risk of transactions in Greece and abroad, preventing possible risks in time, so you can focus on increasing your clientele and developing your business activity.

The Goal

TSEK aims at supporting daily businesses in their healthy development, consolidating financial transactions, deterring fraud and reducing defaults.

  • Valid and complete economic data, updated on a daily basis from the Tiresias data-base
  • Reliable international credit reports for the credit assessment of legal entities around the world
  • Various economic packages, that their use is adapted to your own needs
  • Easy online access any time, from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • Ability to support multiple users
  • Direct personal support from a representative of the TSEK team
Why is TSEK of interest to you?
  • Protection from doubtful business collaborations
  • Reliable estimation of risk in transactions with clients and suppliers
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Consolidation of banking transactions
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