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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the available data categories in chapter Access and Data. For information regarding data and its retention times, please visit our corporate website

The beneficial data indicate the origin (i.e. whether the claimant, encumbrancer etc of each item of economic behavior is a bank, any other legal entity, the state etc.) for the following data categories: payment orders, public sales (auctions) of properties or moveable items, mortgages and prenotations of mortgage, prenotations of mortgage converted to mortgages, real estate seizures and applications for bankruptcy.

Additionally for the orders of payments the cause of issue is also available (i.e. if an order of payment is issued because of an unpaid cheque, loan, invoice etc.)

The above information is provided using a special button on the information display page and the cost is 0.90 € per view. Please note that multiple views of the same data on the same day (by the same or different users of the client) are provided with no extra cost, according to the pricing policy of TSEK system. For more information click here.

All legal entities or sole traders (persons) can get access to the system as long as they need to evaluate their credit risk within the frame of their business activity.

Please read here.

Tiresias has the most valid economic behavior data collection network throughout Greece and the information is being informed/updated daily. Thus, the information is only valid at the time the search is carried out and any use of that information at another time does not come with any guarantee about its accuracy.

The registration process is very easy:

  1. The applicant fills in the electronic registration form. The submission of the form will be automatically confirmed by email.
  2. The applicant sends or presents the required documentation within 40 days.
  3. Upon completion of their validity check by the appropriate department of Tiresias, the applicant will receive information (by email) regarding the usage and the activation of his/her account.
  4. The applicant follows the instructions to set his/her preferred password and answers the security questions in order to start up.

Just an electronic device (tablet, smartphone, pc etc) with a browser and internet access are needed.

The web officer can buy subscription packages via the system website and pay:

  1. by credit card. The activation is done instantly. Charging is made directly by the bank. Tiresias does not handle or store any credit card data.
  2. by money transfer to Tiresias’ bank account.If the payment is carried out via money transfer, the payment documents need to be sent to Tiresias and the activation of the subscription package is done upon verification of the payment (might take several days varying between countries and/ or banks).
  3. by IRIS online payments service

Information about security can be found at the relevant section.

Additionally, the following should be noted:

  • For user’s own security, upon activation of his/her account he/she will be asked to answer a few security questions, the answers of which will be known only to him/her. In case identification for the system is needed, (e.g. forgotten password) he/she will be requested to answer some randomly chosen questions among them.
  • Tiresias will never request a user’s password. User is the only person that knows his/her password and the answers to the security questions and he/she is the only person who can change his/her password.
  • User can easily review his/her use of the system at any time: he/she can view the search history, the account balance etc. 

  1. Monitoring of a financial unit for a period of 6 or 12 months.
  2. Notification with email and display of relevant message on system webpages in case new data has been added to the selected financial unit.
  3. Alarm management: Option to list and renew all the alarms.

If one has successfully applied for registration, he/she will receive a confirmation email with the registration details and the required documentation needed to be dispatched or presented within 40 days. Following a verification check of the documentation run by Tiresias an e-mail is sent to the applicant’s e-mail address giving notice of the activation or any missing document.
If no email has been received or the applicant detects mistakes in his/her application, the TSEK Client Support Office should be contacted.
If he/she wishes to be informed about the status of his/her application, the TSEK Client Support Office can be contacted, mentioning the VAT no. or the registration number given.

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