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TSEK Service

Provides direct and reliable business decision support to make financial transactions with suppliers and customers more objective and cost-effective.

It aims to support direct and reliable business decisions, so that financial transactions with suppliers and customers can be more objectively and efficiently evaluated.

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Online economic behaviour data from the Tiresias database
Alarm notification when economic data changes occur
Get access for more than 60.000 balance sheet data per year from 2011 to date.

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New Service - TSEK Bi Powered by Moody’s Analytics Risk Calc

Estimate quickly and reliably a company’s expected default frequency within the next 12 months, regardless of whether a business has financial behavior data (e.g. bounced cheques, bills of exchange and notes to order unpaid at expiry etc.). Powered by Moody’s Analytics Risc Calc and the reliability of Tiresias.

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